Work Package 6: Dissemination and Awareness


Fundamental for a European Research Project, and especially for the European Commission, are the dissemination activities that raise awareness about the results of EU funded projects. Therefore, the main focus of Work Package (WP) was to ensure that the project‘s practical outcomes were widely disseminated to the appropriate target communities, at appropriate times, via appropriate methods, and that those who were able to contribute to the development, evaluation, uptake and exploitation of the OPTIMISM project outcomes were identified and encouraged to participate. All OPTIMISM partners were  encouraged to use their industrial partnerships and long-standing experience in EU funded projects to help dissemination through their respective technical WPs and activities. The main objectives of this WP are summarised below:

  • To create awareness about the project‘s results and encourage involvement.

  • To create and maintain a vivid interest ensuring participation and contribution of key players.

  • To participate in events of high publicity and added value that will reach the scientific community.

  • To produce documentation and dissemination material.

  • To successfully organise the final event and ensure that the project results are properly presented.

  • To set a plan for the dissemination activities.

This Work Package was led by FEHRL