Work Package 3: Demand and supply factors for passenger transport and mobility patterns – status quo and foresight


The main objective of this Work Package (WP) was to provide insights into the factors and key drivers shaping the transportation system and mobility patterns concerning passengers – aiming to give an outlook on future development.

More specifically, in WP3 the objectives were:

  • To provide a theoretical and practical research framework for data analysis in the context of passenger transport and mobility.

  • To understand the transport and mobility system by analysing the demand and the supply side of the market.

  • To identify the key drivers for changing behaviour in passenger transport (e.g. mode choice towards a more sustainable option, if available; modal split favourable to public transport).

  • To identify megatrends and their current and future impact on passenger transport and mobility behaviour.

  • To build datasets on issues of passenger transport and mobility patterns.

  • To formulate future multimodal mobility scenarios for passengers and modelling future mobility scenarios on micro and macro level.

  • To provide input for WP5 development of strategies for integrating and optimising transport systems to feed policy guidelines promoting sustainable mobility and transportation systems.

ZHAW led this WP