Work Package 2: Harmonisation of national travel statistics in Europe


National travel surveys have collected data in most countries but using different methodologies. The main objective of this Work Package (WP) was to describe the social behaviour, mobility patterns and business models through analytical insights into the data of Europe-wide national travel statistics – aiming to harmonise possible differences of the identified data.

More specifically, in WP2 the objectives were:

  • To research, identify, gather and process relevant information and key factors about general conditions of national travel behaviour.

  • To compile and analyse the identified data in order to understand differences in the individual national context of transport and mobility.

  • To identify the different methodologies used for elaborating national statistical data.

  • To determine the need of harmonising national travel data.

  • To identify and assess various methods of harmonising statistical data.

  • To develop a methodology to collect and report data on travel behaviour.

  • To give guidelines and recommendations for harmonising differences of statistical data and scientific analysis on travel behaviour.

DLR was the leader of this Work Package