Work Package 1: Management


The main aim of this Work Package (WP) was to manage and coordinate all the different activities within the OPTIMISM project, as well as ensure the project consortium can deliver the results while at the same time fulfil contractual obligations.

More specifically, in WP1 the objectives were:

  • to establish effective project management procedures detailed in a project management guide

  • to monitor the overall performance of the project and to ensure that the consortium will reach its objectives

  • to coordinate overall project administrative and networking issues

  • to report progress to the European Commission

  • to assess conformity of the results with the initial project scope and goals

  • to promote project visibility and assess quality of results

  • to efficiently resolve any project internal conflicts

  • to ensure data protection and privacy

  • to administer project resources and monitor project spending, as well as being prepared and able to cope with unexpected occurrences

  • to manage audit procedures

  • to define «project procedures» and to assure compliance with requirements

CUE , as the coordinator of the project, led this WP