University College Dublin (UCD)


UCDUCD Dublin is the largest university in Ireland with five Colleges, supporting a full range of disciplines. UCD is the leading university in transport and infrastructure research in Ireland.

UCD has the highest number of graduate research students of any university in Ireland, with over 1,500 PhD students. In 2007, UCD hosted 31% of all full-time PhD students in Ireland, a 24% increase in just two years, making our university a national and European leader in postgraduate education. The academic year 2007/08 has seen the further development in the leadership position of UCD with more than 20 thematic PhD programmes established.

UCD has a major contractual record in successive EU Framework Programmes, both as Coordinator and partner. For example, in FP6 UCD was awarded 106 contracts, of which UCD coordinated 30 projects and was partner in 76. To date in FP7, UCD is involved in 34 projects, 14 as Coordinator. A further 21 projects are currently in negotiation.

UCD’s Bridge & Transport Infrastructure Centre have participated in numerous projects, such as the 5th Framework SAMARIS project, the 6th Framework ARCHES project and 7th Framework projects, ASSET, ReRoad and DIRECT-MAT. We also lead the €3.3 million Marie Curie Initial Training Network, TEAM (Training in European Asset Management, 2009-2013). The centre currently has 4 post-doctoral researchers and about 30 PhD researchers.


Key Personnel


  • Dr. Aoife Ahern

    Dr. Aoife Ahern will lead the UCD team that will be involved in the project. Dr. Ahern has a first class honours degree in civil engineering from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD from the Centre for Transport Studies, University College London. She is a senior lecturer in UCD and has considerable experience in leading and running large-scale European and national projects. Dr. Ahern has currently 3 PhD students and 1 post doctoral researcher in her research team. She has been successful in winning over €2.8 million worth of research funding in the past 4 years and has successfully supervised 5 post graduate research students. She is the chair of the Irish Transport Research Network, which is the primary network of researchers and those working in transport in Ireland. Dr. Ahern has been involved in several projects that are relevant to this proposal. Her research interests are in travel behaviour analysis and modelling, the interactions between transport and land use/urban form and the effects of changes in society on travel patterns.