European Commission – Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC)


The Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) is one of the seven institutes making up the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission (EC). The mission of JRC-IPTS is to provide techno-economic analyses in support of the European policymaking process. The prime objectives of JRC-IPTS are to monitor and analyse science and technology developments, their cross-sectoral impact and their inter-relationship with the socio-economic context, and their implications for future policy development. JRC has access to a wide international network of experts and stakeholders in transport and related fields that can be readily utilised for the needs of the project. In addition, being a European Commission service, JRC can ensure the relevance of the representation of the stakeholders and the focus of the research questions for the requirements of research and transport policy at European Union level.


Key Personnel


  • Panayotis Christidis

    Panayotis is Scientific officer at JRC-IPTS since 2000 (civil engineer and PhD from the University of Thessaloniki). His research interests include transport economics and transport policy issues, focusing on the interaction between transport infrastructure and economic development. He is one of the main developers of the IPTS POLES transport technologies model and the TRANSTOOLS model and he has co-ordinated several JRC- IPTS projects: Quantification of technological scenarios for long-term trends in transport, Gothenburg indicators for an enlarged European Union transport issues, Impacts of GALILEO on road transport, Modelling platform on socio-economic issues for transport, Trends in transport technologies, Graphical User Interface for the TREMOVE model.

  • Antonio Soria

    Antonio holds degrees in energy engineering and economics. He earned his PhD in nuclear engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Before joining the IPTS, where he coordinates the Energy and Sustainability project, he worked at the Spanish Ministry of Industry’s research centre CIEMAT, and then at the JRC Ispra site. His main areas of interest concern energy technologies, natural resource management and energy economics, as well as the environmental impact of energy transformation and use. He is currently the head of Unit of Economics for Climate Change, Energy and Transport (ECCET).

  • Mert Kompil

    Postdoctoral researcher on transport policy analysis and modeling at Institute for Prospective Studies (IPTS) of Joint Research Center. His main tasks in IPTS cover assisting in the formulation and implementation of impact assessment studies dealing with various transport policies and contributing to the improvement of the modelling tools at use in the ECCET unit. Before joining to IPTS, he worked as a research and teaching assistant for eight years at the Department of City and Regional Planning, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey. He completed his PhD at the same department with a specialization on travel demand analysis. His main areas of research include spatial interaction models, trip distribution models, travel demand analysis, regional accessibility, and soft computing applications (fuzzy logic – artificial neural networks – genetic algorithms) in transport and urban geography.

  • Lorenzo Vannacci

    Lorenzo has been involved in transport sector since 2000 after holding his degree in Environmental engineer at Universita degli Studi di Firenze. Before joining IPTS as contract agent he worked as a transport professional at Regione Toscana government both in Transport and Energy unit, Municipality of Pistoia and Florence. Later on he joined consultant continuing studying transport model. He participated at the Twinning Project (France-Italy-Israel) Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Transport to Provide Quality Public Transport for Urban Regions in Israel. Ten years of professional experience in transportation environmental aspect, transport modelling (macro and micro), public transport, accessibility studies, public transport operators management.