CE Delft (DELFT)

web: www.cedelft.eu

CE Delft is an independent Dutch research and consultancy organization that specializes in developing innovative and cutting-edge solutions to environmental problems. CE Delft operates as a not-for-profit organization on a commercial basis, employing a staff of around 40 engineers, economists and social scientists. CE Delft projects all aim to deliver practical but scientifically sound results, often bridging the gap between more theoretical academic research and more pragmatic, practical policy work. They may thus seek to support policy development, facilitate implementation of clean technology or create a better understanding of any social issues constituting a barrier to environmental improvement.Based on solid technical and economic expertise, CE Delft develops feasible policy concepts for a wide range of clients such as the European Commission (DG TREN, DG ENV), EEA, UN/FCCC, ICAO, IMO, IEA, national ministries in various countries, companies (e.g. Shell, Coca Cola, ICI, DHL, Corus, Airbus Industries, Lufthansa, etc.) and sector organizations (e.g., the International Road Union) and NGOs (FoE, Greenpeace, T&E). CE Delft has excellent knowledge on factors defining mobility patterns and on instruments which could be used to influence these factors. For the Netherlands CE Delft executed a project for the Ministry of Transport in which trends in transport demand are explained by trends in demographic, social and economic variables. CE Delft has also be heavily involved in a project for DG Environment on EU GHG policy for transport up to 2050 and leading the tasks on GHG reduction options and policy instruments. Among other things this study researched the impact co-modality and ICT-applications could have on mobility patterns and GHG emissions of transport.


Key Personnel


  • Arno Schroten

    Arno is senior consultant at CE Delft’s transport division and he works in the field of transport and sustainability with a focus on economic instruments and external and infrastructure costs. He has led several studies on these topics, both for national and international governments. Over the past years, Arno has contributed to numerous studies on policies to reduce emissions of road transport, including ‘EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050?’ for DG Environment and ‘Climate change mitigation by changing behavior and consumption patterns’. He was also involved in the IMPACT study for DG TREN (now MOVE), in which the impacts of external based cost pricing are studied as well as in a project on transport pricing on the corridor Paris-Amsterdam.

  • Huib van Essen

    Huib is manager of CE Delft’s Transport division. Huib has ample experience in the transport field and is specialized in environmental policy for transport with a focus on climate policy, pricing instruments and external and infrastructure cost. Over the last decade, he has led and contributed to more than 70 projects in the field of transport and environment. Huib was lead author of a number of authoritative CE Delft studies, including ‘Internalisation Measures and Policies for All external Cost of Transport (IMPACT)’, a leading study for DG TREN on the internalization of external costs of transport.. Huib has a Master degree in Applied Physics and also a background in business sciences.