OPTIMISM participates in ORIGAMI workshop and Government of Catalonia | Global Cat Programme of debates

May 9, 2012 in News

The first ORIGAMI Workshop entitled “Upcoming Innovations and Future Scenarios for a Seamless European Mobility” and the Global Cat Programme of debates launched by the Government of Catalonia was held on Friday 4th May in Casa Milá, Barcelona. Dr. Elisabete Arsenio from LNEC had been invited by MCRIT Barcelona (the Workshop organisers and ORIGAMI partners) to attend the event, following her previous participation in the project survey set for expert consultation with “Ten questions on the Future of Transport 2030”. At this workshop she also represented the OPTIMISM project and the ECTRI Transport Economics and Policy Working Group.

ORIGAMI – Optimal regulation and infrastructure for ground, air and maritime interfaces (http://www.origami-project.eu/) is coordinated by Edinburgh Napier University through Mrs Christiane Bielefeldt whom also coordinates COMPASS, the sister CSA to OPTIMISM. Leaflets of OPTIMISM were given to Iona-Olga Adamescu, the representative from the EC Directorate-General for Research and Innovation present at the Workshop, as the event represented another opportunity for disseminating OPTIMISM amongst participants.

The ORIGAMI Workshop had an interesting mix of transport stakeholders of different perspectives which presented transport projects and solutions within each context. Several questions have enriched the discussion on future transport scenarios for Europe until 2030. The session was closed by Mr. Damià Calvet, the Government of Catalonia Secretary of Territory and Mobility. For more information, contact Elisabete at elisabete.arsenio@lnec.pt.

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