Developing future mobility scenarios survey sent out to key experts

June 27, 2012 in News

As part of its activities, OPTIMISM has launched a forecasting study to build future mobility scenarios. To further this aim, a Delphi survey is being carried out; this includes a first expert online questionnaire, an expert workshop, and a second expert online questionnaire. High-profile experts and key players in sustainable mobility have this week been invited by email to take part in the first round Delphi Expert Consultation. A selection of respondents will be invited to take part in the expert workshop which will take place in Rome on September 18th 2012 (travel expenses will be paid by the OPTIMISM project).

If you are an expert in sustainable mobility, please complete our online questionnaire before 15th July. The process is very simple and should not take more than 15 minutes to complete. To complete the questionnaire please use the link below:

All experts will be contacted for the second round of the Consultation in a few months time. Further details, the programme and the agenda of the Rome workshop will follow in due course. Contact Paolo Delle Site, Delphi Survey leader at for more details.



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