Deliverable 2.1 Analysis of NTS in Europe now submitted

August 2, 2012 in Blog, News

Deliverable 2.1 of Work Package 2 (Harmonisation of national travel statistics in Europe) of the OPTIMISM project entitled “Analysis of National Travel Statistics in Europe” has now been submitted to the European Commission. The objectives of this task were:

  1. To establish what countries are collecting National Travel Surveys (NTS),
  2. To identify the information and travel data that is collected in those NTS,
  3. To examine how the surveys are designed in terms of classification of data, sampling and survey implementation, and
  4. To compare travel data from different countries.

With this in mind, a questionnaire was designed and distributed to the relevant authorities with responsibility for travel data collection in a number of countries. Based on the ensuing analysis of current NTS in European countries, a first series of recommendations can be derived:

  1. A core set of data points should be developed e.g. trip length, absolute values
  2. Clear methodologies and methodological frameworks for all NTS should be put in place,
  3. It is recommended that EUROSTAT decide what groupings in relation to the different data sets (age, trip lengths etc) are appropriate and develop a fixed methodology with clear frameworks of data collection,
  4. New technological advances to be examined for future use, e.g. smart phone technology, training for such advances, and
  5. Exploring how records from different sources can be used together to enrich our awareness of travel patterns and travel behaviour would be a useful exercise.

In the further progress of the OPTIMISM project, task 2.2 and task 2.3 will develop methodologies and recommendations how NTS can be improved and harmonised across Europe. For more details on this Deliverable, contact Dr. Aoife Ahern of University College Dublin at

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