OPTIMISM ‘s main concept

OPTIMISM project will propose a set of strategies, recommendations and policy measures, through the scientific analysis of social behaviour, mobility patterns and business models, for integrating and optimising transport system.

This will be based on the modelling of the assessment of the impact of co-modality and ICT solutions for transport


OPTIMISM will deliver the following outcomes:

  • Comprehensive analysis of National Travel Statistics in Europe
  • Recommendations on harmonization of travel behaviour analysis
  • A list of potential megatrends influencing transportation system and mobility behaviour
  • Scenario simulation for mobility behaviour concerning future trends at macro level
  • Agent based model at micro level representing demand and technology at local scale
  • Decarbonisation potential and co-benefits of the best practices
  • Framework for assessment of co-modality/ICT options and FP7 projects
  • Definition of strategies for integrating and optimising passenger transport systems
  • Report on impact of best practices on mobility patterns
  • Recommendations on the principles of sustainable mobility